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    Welcome to PILLS!


    noPILLS in waters

    The PILLS partners have decided to continue their work even after the end of the present project. On May 11th 2012 a new application was submitted to the JTS in Lille for a follow-up project noPILLS.

    Trailer of the annual event

    On June 5th / 6th 2012 the annual event of the Interreg IVB programme took place in the German city of Dortmund. To show the content and aims of the programme and its 89 funded projects 5 trailers were produced for `well performing projects´ - and one of them is PILLS. The trailer can be watched at youtube:

    YOUTUBE-Movie (UK)
    YOUTUBE-Movie (DE)
    YOUTUBE-Movie (FR)
    YOUTUBE-Movie (NL)

    Delegation from Denmark visits NWE flagship projects to develop a similar project

    On April 27th a group of Danish experts from science and project development visited the NWE PILLS project partners. In the city of Copenhagen a waste water treatment plant for a hospital with 900 beds is planned and the Danish project group was looking for shining examples all over Europe - and found the PILLS project. In a study visit the German project of the Emschergenossenschaft was chosen for a site visit as this project fulfils the expectations best to work as a model. Discussions showed that the questions PILLS addresses are coming more and more to other countries and regions, too: How can we prevent our water bodies from micropollutants, how can we especially eliminate pharmaceutical residues? The visitors want to keep in touch with the PILLS partners and agreed to cooperate in a follow-up project: For the 10th NWE project call a new project `noPILLS´ will submit an application and Denmark will send participants to its `advisory board´.

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    Onlineform for Pre-Registration

    The PILLS project will be finished in 2012. The findings of our joint work and experiences with the hospital treatment plants will be presented in the final conference on September 19th/20th 2012 in Gelsenkirchen. We hereby offer the option for pre-registration to send out the detailed programme and registration forms mid 2012 then.

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    Symposium „pharmaceuticals in water - objectives and conditions`

    For the symposium on Friday November 25th 2011 the Emschergenossenschaft invited partners of the PILLS project and for guest lectures Prof. Dr. Klaus Kümmerer (LEUPHANA University Lüneburg) and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Adolf Eisenträger (The Federal Environment Agency, Dessau). The guest lectures and a short documentation of the symposium are available as download (pdf) under `Documentation´.

    Symposium „pharmaceuticals in water - objectives and conditions` (lectures only in German language)

    The Emschergenossenschaft invites to a symposium on Friday November 25th 2011 to the „Kirchliches Bildungszentrum für Gesundheitsberufe im Revier`, Gelsenkirchen,Germany. Speekers are - besides partners of the PILLS project - as well Prof. Dr. Klaus Kümmerer and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Adolf Eisenträger.

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    PILLS meeting in Zwolle (NL) from May 9th until May 11th, 2011

    From May 9th until May 11th the partners met for the sixth Working Group meeting in Zwolle, The Netherlands. The meeting was combined with a Dutch conference on `Medicijnresten in ziekenhuisafvalwater´ (pharmaceuticals from hospital wastewater), organized by the Dutch partner Waterschap Groot Salland. Here, also the PILLS partners from Switzerland and Luxembourg spoke about their experiences on treating pharmaceutical residues in wastewater.

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    March 2011: The new PILLS brochure available in four languages now!

    The PILLS brochure `Pharmaceutical residues in the aquatic system - a challenge for the future´ is actually available in all project languages: English, French, Dutch and German. The brochure gives information about the insights and activities of the PILLS project.

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    April 2011: `Europe sightseeing days´ in The Netherlands: Look for PILLS from 13th to the 15th May 2011

    From the 13th to the 15th May 2011 many actors in The Netherlands set up `Europe sightseeing days´. The aim is to show European activities to a broader public directly in their neighbourhood by offering an open day. For this aim the 12 Dutch ERDF programmes represented by the responsible ministries as well as representatives from the European Commission and the Europe Direct network work together.

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    March 2011: The PILLS pilot plant in the Netherlands is running stable - Dutch congress planned on May 9th, 2011

    Since the PILLS pilot plant of the Dutch partner Waterschap Groot Salland officially opened in November 2010, a stable working modus could be reached by now. Both, the Waterschap Groot Salland as well as their cooperation hospital, the `Isala klinieken´ in Zwolle, are very proud that the pilot plant is running as foreseen and that first measurements of the treated wastewater have been already done.

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    February 2011: PILLS project works one year longer together

    In September 2010, the PILLS project asked the EU Secretariat for a one-year prolongation. This was approved and the new Subsidy Contract was submitted to the Lead Partner recently. The PILLS project is very happy to be able to work until the end of 2012 together.

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    23-02-2011: PILLS presented at the 6th Wassertechnisches Kolloquium in Trier, Germany

    Under the title `The relevance of micro-pollutants for the drinking water supply as well as the waste water management´ the University of Applied Sciences of Trier organised a conference on February, 23rd, 2011.

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    08-02-2011: PILLS presented at the 2nd European Medical Waste Conference in the Netherlands

    On 08-09 February the second European Medical Waste Conference took place in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). PILLS was invited in order to be introduced to international experts as Governmental staff and consultants related to healthcare waste legislation, researchers and consultants on Health-care Waste Management and Hospital Staff.

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    December 2010: PILLS is flagship-project of the The Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development of Germany (BBSR)

    The BBSR is informing about the INTERREG programme promoting flagship projects of the current programme period. PILLS has been chosen as one flagship project providing an important contribution to the European Spatial Development.

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    15-11-2010: PILLS pilot plant for hospital wastewater in Germany - building shell finished

    Gelsenkirchen. In November 2009 the ground-breaking for the pilot plant in Germany was given on the ground of the Marienhospital. Here, the Emschergenossenschaft started with the construction of its full-scale pilot plant for the treatment of pharmaceutically burdened wastewater. Today - exact one year later - the building shell is finished and the start of operation is planned for spring 2011.

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    15-11-2010 : Spezielle Kläranlage reinigt Krankenhausabwässer

    Rohbau des PILLS-Gebäudes am Marienhospital ist weitestgehend fertig

    Gelsenkirchen. Im November 2009 erfolgte auf dem Gelände des Marienhospitals der Startschuss für die bauliche Umsetzung des EU-Projekts „PILLS„ (Pharmaceutical Input and Elimination from Local Sources). Hier begann die EMSCHERGENOSSENSCHAFT mit dem Bau einer Kläranlage, die künftig die Reste von Medikamenten aus dem Krankenhausabwasser eli-minieren soll. Heute - genau ein Jahr später - ist der Rohbau nun weitestgehend fertig, die Inbetriebnahme ist für Frühjahr 2011 geplant.

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    PILLS pilot plant for pharmaceutical residues opened in the Netherlands on November 2nd, 2010

    On Tuesday the 2nd of November the PILLS pilot plant of the Dutch partner Waterschap Groot Salland officially opened. For Jan Oggel, board member of the Waterschap Groot Salland, it was a pleasure to give the starting signal - especially because all Dutch project partners were attendant at this event. With this pilot plant, the Waterschap Groot Salland owns the biggest wastewater treatment pant for pharmaceutical residues in the Netherlands and together with Germany - after their pilot plant will be completed - the biggest ones in Europe.

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    02-11-2010: Innovatieve afvalwaterzuivering voor medicijnresten van start

    Op dinsdag 2 november heeft het Waterschap Groot Salland een speciale zuiveringsinstallatie om onderzoek te doen naar betere verwijdering van medicijnresten uit afvalwater officieel in gebruik genomen. Dit gebeurde door dagelijks bestuurslid van het waterschap Jan Oggel, in aanwezigheid van alle projectpartners die bij dit Europese project betrokken zijn. Met de ingebruikname van de speciale installatie beschikt Groot Salland over de grootste ‘medicijnenzuivering´ van Nederland en, samen met een installatie in het Duitse Waldbröl, ook van Europa.

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    PILLS meeting in Glasgow from September 13th until September 15th, 2010

    From September 13th to September 15th all six PILLS partners met for the fifth Working Group meeting in Glasgow, Great Britain. The meeting was opened by Prof. Mike Smith, the pro-vice chancellor of the Glasgow Caledonian University. He gave a warm welcome to the PILLS partners underlining the importance of European Cooperation and expressing his pleasure being the host of a partnership meeting this time.

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    May 2010 : Construction work of the pilot plant in The Netherlands in progress

    In The Netherlands the activities for the construction of a pilot plant treating hospital waste water have started. The plant of the Waterschap Groot Salland is located at the rebuilt hospital Isala Klinieken in Zwolle.

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    PILLS mid-term symposium in Luxembourg on 25-03-2010

    From March 24th to March 26th the PILLS partners met for the mid-term symposium and a Working Group meeting in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg. In the focus of the meeting was the mid-term symposium which was combined with the presentation of the pilot plant of the Luxembourgish partners. During the ceremony the Luxembourgish minister for inner affairs Mr Halsdorf, the director of the Administration de la gestion de l´Eau Mr André Weidenhaupt as well as the technical director of the cooperation hospital Henri Hinterscheid appreciated the engagement of the Luxembourgish partners.

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    PILLS symposia `pharmaceuticals in water` on 06-11-2009

    On 6th of November 2009, a symposium was organized for interested regional partners in the Emscher catchment about the PILLS project. Here the problem and possible solutions on `pharmaceuticals in water´ were discussed between the Emschergenossenschaft, politics, scientific experts, public bodies, industry and representatives of regional hospitals.

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    `2nd Sustainable Development Award 2009´ for PILLS` partner

    The Luxembourgish hospital „Centre Hospitalier Emile Mayrisch` - the local cooperation partner for the Luxembourgish PILLS project partner CRP Henri Tudor - has competed with the PILLS project for the `2nd Sustainable Development Award 2009´ of the Luxembourgish bank DEXIA BIL and won the prize in the category `non profit organisation´.

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    30-09-2009 to 02-10-2010: PILLS partner meeting in Switzerland

    From September 30th 2009 to October 2nd 2009 the PILLS partners were meeting for workshops in Dübendorf, close to Zürich. One important part of the event was a site visit of the Swiss pilot treatment plant at Kantonsspital Baden, a regional hospital with about 350 beds. This pilot plant was developed with the help of several Swiss funding sources.

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    06-11-2009: PILLS symposia `pharmaceuticals in water`

    On 6th of November 2009, a symposia is organized for interested regional partners in the Emscher catchment about the PILLS project. Here the problem and possible solutions on `pharmaceuticals in water` will be presented and discussed.

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    18 / 19-11-2008: PILLS-kick-off conference in Germany

    On 18th / 19th of November, the kick-off conference for the PILLS project took place in Gelsen­kirchen, Ger­many. Emschergenossenschaft - as Lead Partner of the project - was proud to invite the European partners to Germany in order to celebrate the official project start. About 100 interested people, coming from 6 European countries, took part in the conference and had the chance to listen to interesting speeches as well as to an international discussion round about pharma­ceutical residues to be found in the aquatic system.

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    21-07-2008 - PILLS approved by the Steering Committee

    The PILLS Project was approved by the INTERREG IV B Steering Committee of the North West Europe programme, held in Luxembourg on 9-11 July 2008. There were 39 project applications to be decided on, only twelve of these were approved (and PILLS was one of them).

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