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Glasgow Caledonian is a dynamic university and our student population has grown to over 14,000 in recent years. We have over 90 undergraduate, 40 postgraduate programmes and a large number of students engaged in research for PhDs in topics that put them at the forefront of their disciplines. Our students come from over 90 countries throughout the world, enriching our campus and making us a truly cosmopolitan environment in which to study. Glasgow Caledonian University is Scotland´s fourth largest university in terms of student recruitment. Though our history dates back to 1875, Glasgow Caledonian was officially formed in 1993 with the merger of Glasgow Polytechnic and The Queen´s College, Glasgow. Since then the university has established a reputation for providing innovative, career focused programmes (click here for more information) - currently 92% of our graduates seeking employment find work within six months of graduation.

Our campus (click here for more information) is located in the heart of Glasgow city centre and is one of the best learning environments in the UK. The campus has been designed to not just provide space for people to learn, but also to meet their human needs - to talk, to recharge and also to have fun.

Academic Excellence in Research We will focus particularly on our areas of strength in: * Health * The Environment * Creative Cultures * Business & Technologies * Social Justice

The School of the Built and Natural Environment

The School of the Built and Natural Environment undertakes a wide range of research in waste management. The research activities involved in this theme are conducted in collaboration with the specially created Caledonian Environment Centre (CEC) and include recycling technologies to control pollutant impact and the reuse of waste materials such as glass, plastics, organic wastes. The Centre received £1.2 million in funding in 2005.

The Centre now also houses the Glasgow Sustainability Centre, which is active in research and consultancy in sustainable forms of development. Although a discrete Centre, it shares CEC´s premises and is also Directed by Prof Jim Baird, thereby facilitating exchange of knowledge in areas of overlap between their fields of study.

CEC has established the only Environmental and Waste Information Centre in Scotland.

The work of this team covers the environmental impact of development sustainability and waste management and has received grants from the EPSRC, ERDF, ESF, BBSRC, Scottish Executive and the British Embassy totalling over £400k during the last 4 years (excluding internal funding for the Glasgow Sustainability Centre of £440k).

This team is very active in specialist areas, which include: *Recycling Technologies *Building materials *Recycling

Caledonian Environment Centre

The Caledonian Environment Centre, launched in 1998 as a ‘Centre of Excellence´ for the waste industry in Scotland, is a first-rate example of an industry and academic partnership. The centre manages a number of high profile projects ranging from market development for recyclates to education and event management and plays an important role in the strategic direction of waste management in Scotland.

Remade Scotland, is a programme dedicated to increasing the scope of recycling markets in Scotland and has been operating for over 3 years. Remade has contributed to some important breakthroughs in recycling, including the Dryden Aqua, Advanced Filtration Medium (AFM), which is a groundbreaking filtration system using recycled glass to filter drinking water. The first production factory in the world for this medium was opened in East Lothian in May 2003.

Other successes include assisting in the development of national standards for composting and paper recycling, alongside advances in wood and plastics recycling. Remade also played an important part in the National Waste Plan: Scotland, launched in February 2003. The Centre´s `Bright New Scotland´ project is dedicated to educating children from nursery to secondary school, promoting environmental citizenship and supporting the Eco - Schools Green Flag award.

`Eventful Scotland´, another of the centre´s initiatives, is a project partnership linking the key players in the waste industry in Scotland with the aim of disseminating information and increasing communication throughout the waste sector. The Centre continues to play an active role in the waste industry in Scotland, supporting the delivery of the National Waste Plan by providing a distinctive service. Future plans include offering an online training and information service.

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