Emschergenossenschaft cooperates with local hospitals in their working area in order to assess the different wastewater streams.

Workshops with policy makers, local actors, representatives from hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry are also parts of the local activities of Emschergenossenschaft.

Advanced wastewater treatment at the Marienhospital in Gelsenkirchen

In one hospital, the Marienhospital in Gelsenkirchen, a full scale plant for the treatment of the wastewater from the entire hospital is installed. The pilot is built in a compact architecture, which is easily integrated into the neighbourhood.

With this pilot plant, for the first time, a full-scale local treatment plant to eliminate pharmaceutical residues is realised at a hospital in Germany with an approval to discharge its treated water directly into the water body. Approximately 200 m3 wastewater are treated daily - the wastewater of 560 hospital beds, 75.000 patients per year and 1.200 employees.

The PILLS pilot plant works in three steps: The first step is a biologic membrane filtration before it is then treated with ozone and / or powdered activated carbon. The last treatment step is a sand filtration before the clean water is discharged into a water body.


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