The Netherlands

The Waterschap Groot Salland cooperates with many different actors in their working area in order to realise the PILLS pilot plant. In this context local workshops with policy makers, local actors and representatives from hospitals as well as water boards are also parts of the activities of Waterschap Groot Salland.

Advanced wastewater treatment at the Isala klinieken in Zwolle

The pilot plant of the Waterschap Groot Salland is located at the new rebuilt hospital Isala Klinieken in Zwolle, The Netherlands. The Isala hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in The Netherlands. It has 1,000 beds and 5,300 employees.

During the replanning of the new hospital the waste water treatment plant has already been taken into conĀ­sideration. With the pilot plant the total hospital effluent is treated. The flow to the pilot plant is in average about 200 m3 per day. The plant design flow is limited to 10 mĀ³/h.

The PILLS pilot plant works in three steps: The first step is a biologic membrane filtration before it is then treated with ozone and / or granulated activated carbon. Further treatment steps with UV/H2O2 are possible before the water is cleaned by granulated activated carbon again. The clean water is discharged into the public sewer system.


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