In Switzerland an intensive discussion about the local treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater has already been going on for several years. In this context, the Eawag very early already started with their activities on realising a local pilot plant.

Advanced wastewater treatment at the Kantonsspital Baden

The Eawag has built their pilot plant at the Kantonsspital Baden, Switzerland. The hospital has about 350 beds and 1,700 employees. The pilot plant is temporary located at the Kantonsspital Baden.

The pilot plant is built for isolated streams and thus treats about 0.4 % of the total hospital effluent; the water from the laundry facility is not treated by the pilot plant. The flow to the pilot plant is in average about 1,2 m3 per day and the pumping is flow-proportional to the drinking water consumption.

The pilot plant works in three steps: The first step is a biologic membrane filtration before it is then treated with powdered activated carbon, ozone or TiO/UV. Post-treatment is done by a moving bed bioreactor before the clean water is discharged into the public sewer system.


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