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    The PILLS project finalized the joint work with a conference on September 19th/20th 2012

    The project published a summary in the 4 partner languages to give a brief overview about the work of 6 partner institutions from 6 European countries that have worked together for nearly 5 years on potential solutions concerning the elimination of pharmaceutical residues in waste water. More details can be found in the complete report, available via contacting the partners (see overleaf of the summary).

    The project results were presented and discussed in the final conference in Gelsenkirchen/Germany.

    Though PILLS has finished, the topic is still of high interest. So the transnational work continues - please have a look into the noPILLS project: http://www.no-pills.eu


    Download Presentations PILLS final conference September 19th-20th 2012 in Gelsenkirchen

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