Working Structure

The PILLS working structure consists of specific teams: the project management team at the Lead Partner, the PILLS Project Steering Group, the PILLS Scientific Board, and the PILLS Working Groups.

The project management at the Lead Partner ensures that all project and financial management actions necessary are carried out.

The Regional Partners are responsible for their local activities, for the reporting to the Lead Partner and for the implementation of the joint work within the Working Groups.

Working Strukture of the PILLS partnership


The Project Steering Group

The Project Steering Group consists of one representative per partner and is the central steering body of the project. All decisions about the projects┬┤ working steps are taken in this group.

The Working Groups

Four thematic Working Groups meet regularly in order to work on the joint products and results. Each Working Group is coordinated by one of the partners who is taking over the responsibility for the Working Groups┬┤ activities.

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