30-09-2009 to 02-10-2010: PILLS partner meeting in Switzerland

    From September 30th 2009 to October 2nd 2009 the PILLS partners were meeting for workshops in Dübendorf, close to Zürich. One important part of the event was a site visit of the Swiss pilot treatment plant at Kantonsspital Baden, a regional hospital with about 350 beds. This pilot plant was developed with the help of several Swiss funding sources.

    The partnership is actually working on the identification of those pharmaceutical micropollutants that are equally important in every country and therefore should be measured as input-output indicators in the hospital waste water streams and pilot facilities.

    The analysis of the Swiss colleagues showed that from the total consumption of drugs in hospitals up to 65 % are excreted again. But the planned installation of treatment plants at 4 partner locations to come to joint findings and comparable data seems to be partly more difficult in the light of the national regulations than expected before: Questions about noise reduction, limitation of waste air, sludge treatment or comparability of measurements and samples need to be taken into account.

    The partners plan to have a first output documentation ready in spring 2010 and all treatment plants will be running in 2010, too.

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