Luc Zwank

Luc Zwank is responsible for the instrumental analysis unit within laboratory of Luxembourg´s Water Management Agency. He also takes part in different international workgroups with emphasis on (organic) micropollutants and priority substances (e.g. the Project Goup on Micropollutants of the International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine, Workgroup E on Chemical Aspects of the European Commission).

As former Unit Manager of the Water Unit at CRP Henri Tudor, he was closely involved in the project definition phase. His knowledge on environmental fate of organic contaminants as well as on (international) regulations on the compounds of concern can be a fruitful input to the discussions within the scientific board of the PILLS project.

Luc Zwank holds a diploma in environmental sciences from ETH Zurich (2000). After a six month research stay in the group of Prof. Philip M. Gschwend at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he joined EAWAG for his PhD thesis in environmental chemistry (2000 - 2004). After a first working experience in an engineering office, he joined CRP Henri Tudor where he worked as Unit Manager `Water´. In October 2009, he joined the Water Management Agency.

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