May 2010 : Construction work of the pilot plant in The Netherlands in progress

    In The Netherlands the activities for the construction of a pilot plant treating hospital waste water have started. The plant of the Waterschap Groot Salland is located at the rebuilt hospital Isala Klinieken in Zwolle.


    Once put into operation, the pilot plant will be able to treat the whole effluent of the hospital waste water. Besides a biological treatment using a Membrane Bioreactor, the pilot plant will consist of an advanced treatment using ozone and granulated activated carbon (GAC).

    Actual pictures of the construction site can be found here: Picasa-Album

    Waterschap Groot Salland
    Herman Evenblij
    Dr. Van Thienenweg 1
    8025 AL Zwolle
    Phone: 0031 - 38 455 7431
    E-mail: HEvenblij[at]

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