15-11-2010: PILLS pilot plant for hospital wastewater in Germany - building shell finished

    Gelsenkirchen. In November 2009 the ground-breaking for the pilot plant in Germany was given on the ground of the Marienhospital. Here, the Emschergenossenschaft started with the construction of its full-scale pilot plant for the treatment of pharmaceutically burdened wastewater. Today - exact one year later - the building shell is finished and the start of operation is planned for spring 2011.

    With this pilot plant, for the first time, a full-scale local treatment plant to eliminate pharmaceutical residues is realised at a hospital with an approval to discharge its treated water directly into the water body. Approximately 200 m3 wastewater will then be treated daily - today this wastewater of the 560 hospital beds, the 75.000 patients per year and the 1.200 employees are discharged into the public sewage system.

    The PILLS pilot plant will work in three steps: The first step is a biologic membrane filtration before it is then treated with ozone and powdered activated carbon.

    The PILLS pilot plant is realised in cooperation with the Marienhospital in Gelsenkirchen. It is funded by the European Union.

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