In April 2011 the German PILLS pilot plant starts with its test mode. After the pilot plant was finished, all involved partners are now curious about the cleaning capacity of the advanced treatment techniques that are realised in Gelsenkirchen.

PILLS-Project PILLS-Project

In November 2009 the ground-breaking for the pilot plant in Germany was given on the ground of the Marienhospital in Gelsenkirchen. Here, the Emschergenossenschaft started with the construction of its full-scale pilot plant for the treatment of pharmaceutically burdened wastewater. Exact one year later the building shell is finished and the start of operation is planned for spring 2011.


One year before, in November 2009 the preparatory field work for the PILLS treatment facility at Marienhospital Gelsenkirchen started. The Minister for Environment of North Rhine Westphalia, Eckhard Uhlenberg, was present and opened the construction site symbolically.

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